Control Seal deliveres two 4-Way Diverter Valve to the Middle East

Control Seal recently delivered two 10″ and one 6″ 4-Way Diverter Valve to the Middle East for a custody transfer metering system. The 10″ 4WDV has a RB of 300# class, raised face. The body material was ASTM 216WCC, coupled with an electric actuator.

Control Seal’s 4WDV are known for being able to cycle day and night without any leakage thanks to its friction-free opening and closing mechanism. Furthermore, it boasts a rapid operation of 4-10 seconds cycling in meter proving systems.

The integrity of Control Seal 4WDVs are ensured by 2 methods-
1) automatic pressure gauge for local monitoring.
2) differential pressure switch for remote monitoring and with possibility to integrate with other electric devices.

You can find Control Seal 4WDVs for metering skids, meter proving, transmission and storage, custody transfer, refining, and airports.