Ferguson and Cadenas PartSolutions collaborate to enhance industrial customer experience in accessing and reusing CAD models and data

Cadenas, a provider of 3D parts catalogs and product configuration solutions, has announced a collaboration with Ferguson Industrial, the US largest providers of PVF and MRO supplies and services supporting chemical, general manufacturing, pulp and paper, oil and gas, mining and power industries, This collaboration introduces Cadenas PartSolutions to Ferguson customers in the industrial industry, providing streamlined, on-demand access to discover, customize and download Automated Valve solutions.

In a landscape where industrial engineers face persistent challenges like frequent design interruptions, delayed time-to-market and the integration of low-quality data, the role of advanced technological tools has never been more pivotal. The new online tool allows engineers to see 3D previews of products, make custom configurations and download models in various formats. “We reinforce quality in everything we do,” said Chris Hutchens, category manager for Ferguson. “Part of that quality is making sure our industrial buyers can access whatever they need whenever they need it.” Simplifying the process of accessing CAD product data is imperative for Ferguson Industrial’s focus on customer success.

“It’s not just about providing access to products; it’s about offering a smarter, more efficient way to integrate those products into complex engineering workflows,” said Jim Sullivan, Industrial Business Development Director for Ferguson. “Our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in materials management and project execution, making the lives of engineers simpler, more productive, and increasingly innovative.”

“One of the main values of the configurator is productivity and time savings,” stated Sullivan. “It will benefit our customers and employees. Prior to launching the new tool, customers would mix and match different manufacturers’ products. This process to create custom CAD files could take up to three weeks, but now it happens in a matter of minutes.”

The Cadenas PartSolutions tool revolutionizes how Ferguson customers search for and access our products. Additionally, the technology streamlines the broader workflow and lifecycle of engineering projects, leading to cost savings, increased efficiency, and, ultimately, greater innovation – enhancing the overall experience.