Flowserve introduces the Limitorque QX Series B

The Limitorque QX Series B (QXb) non-intrusive, quarter-turn electric actuator from Flowserve provides unmatched reliability and precision while lowering the cost of ownership in a range of demanding applications.

This next-generation device builds on the proven, state-of-the-art Limitorque QX and MX actuator platforms to provide all the user-preferred features in a quarter-turn, smart actuator package.

Faster commissioning
A simplified multi-language menu and an intuitive rotary navigation knob enable up to 50% faster commissioning than previous models.

Improved reliability
A double-sealed IP68 enclosure with a separate terminal compartment and non-intrusive control knobs prevent dust and water ingress, eliminating the need for a heater.

More accurate positioning
Advanced brushless DC motors provide more accurate positioning and improve safety while permitting a global range of voltages (single-phase and three-phase ACV and DCV) to be connected without modification.

Enhanced safety
An independent handwheel disconnects the motor and enables manual override, even during motor operation.

Improved visibility
A large, high-resolution LCD screen with adaptive brightness control is easy to read from up to 9 m (30 ft). It can be rotated 180 degrees for viewing in any orientation.

Reduced maintenance costs
Oil bath lubrication eliminates re-greasing while enabling mounting and storage in any orientation.

Expanded real-time status display
The advanced display provides real-time torque graphs, alarm and event logs, and other data in high resolution. There’s also a real-time clock that time-stamps data logs for asset management functions and lifecycle analysis.

Easy electronics interchangeability enables the updating of older models, reducing costs and providing future-proofing; compatible with RedRaven, the complete internet of things (IoT) solution from Flowserve for condition monitoring and predictive analytics.