Garlock Pipeline Technologies announces upgraded offering to Evolution

Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT), manufacturer of critical pipeline sealing and electrical isolation product, has announced the unveiling of an upgraded offering to its Evolution. The next generation of isolation gaskets, Evolution is now available in sizes from ½” nominal pipe size (NPS) to 36” NPS, in addition Evolution is offered as a Full Face (Type E) gasket.
The Evolution Isolating gasket which was launched a year ago marked a significant step change in the design and manufacturer of Isolation gasketing. Designed to meet the ever the increasing demands of  Oil and Gas transmission, today and in the future.
Evolution isolates flanges to prevent galvanic corrosion and to optimize cathodic protection systems as well as providing unparalleled sealing performance ensuring greater joint integrity.
Evolution is the first fully encapsulated isolation gasket ever, providing:
– The highest dielectric strength ever developed for an isolation product
– The highest-pressure capability of any isolating product ever developed
– The most chemical resistance of any isolation gasket ever developed
– The tightest seal of any isolation product ever developed
An acceleration in H2S levels as operators drill deeper and more aggressively causes traditional GRE products to become vulnerable over time. Through extensive testing Evolution has demonstrated virtually no permeation or degradation, eliminating this costly problem.
Rated from -300°F(-184°C) to 500°F (260°C), Evolution can operate under high and cryogenic temperatures. Tested comprehensively for safety, the product has API 6FB, 3rd Edition Fire Test recognition.
As with existing GPT high pressure isolation gaskets, Evolution features: pressure energized seals, a fire safe Inconel 718 c-ring, built to match pipe bore, a short moment arm, moisture and humidity resistance, zero creep relaxation and a 316LSS core.