Interapp introduces Desponia butterfly valves with PEKK coating

Desponia butterfly valves with PEKK coating provide high resistance, under extreme conditions.
PEKK (Polyetherketoneketone) is a linear, aromatic,semi-crystalline thermoplastic, widely regarded as one of the highest performing thermoplastic materials in the world. Applied to the disc surface of Desponia and Desponia plus, it offers a cost-saving and long-term reliable solution for specific industrial applications, where highly corrosion, abrasion and heat resistance are required.
Thanks to its outstanding properties, PEKK coated discs are ideal for use in:
• discharge of filtered solids and slurries in chemical processes
• slurry handling processes in the mining industry
• flue gas desulphurization units in power generation plants
• oil & gas specific applications.
Typical configurations of Desponia and Desponia plus butterfly valves with PEKK coated discs cover combinations with Flucast liners for abrasive applications and FPM liners for high temperature and aggressive applications.