Kemet International offer servicing & maintenance for industrial valves

Kemet International is a globally recognised leader in precision lapping and polishing technology. During the Company’s 85+ years, it has been involved in developing most of the surface finishing processes used by today’s mechanical seal and valve manufacturers.

Like all businesses, when times are tough, it’s important to look at reducing costs within the value stream. One area Kemet International have been helping companies reduce their costs is the overhaul and repair of mechanical seals within pumps and valves.

There are many different designs of mechanical seal and a huge range of materials. When these fail there are really only 2 options, replacement or refurbish. Failures will usually be due to either wear which causes leakage, or worse, catastrophic failure. For wear Kemet can supply equipment and expertise that enable the end users or their service teams to refurbish mechanical seals on-site and at low cost. They also supply all the necessary inspection equipment including monochromatic lights and optical flats so that flatness and surface finish can be certified after refurbishment and prior to pressure testing. Kemet’s flat lapping systems can handle all mechanical seal materials from carbon to silicon carbide, and many mechanical seal manufacturers use Kemet machines and consumables during their manufacturing processes. This means you can be sure your sealing faces will be the same specification as they were from new.

If your valve seats can be removed from the bodies, Kemet can offer a flat lapping service to refurbish the seal faces on sizes up to 530mm dia (approx 21”).

Common reasons for leaking valves after repair are normally due to incorrect lapping and or the use of the wrong abrasives and lapping tools, leading to lengthened servicing turnaround times. For time-critical plant shutdowns, it’s very important that seats and seals are repaired correctly the first time. Contact Kemet to ensure your valves are repaired or serviced to the best standard.

Kemet can also offer systems for lapping convex or concave seal faces, a requirement that is getting more common every year. A Kemet 24 lapping and polishing machine will cost significantly less than some silicon carbide seals so if you’re looking for calmer seas during this stormy period, contact Kemet International.

Kemet offer a huge range of machines and equipment for the repair and service of valves, including: ball, gate, valve body top plate, check, safety, control valves, gate valve wedges and conical seats.