Large DN2000 valves, manufactured, vulcanized, assembled and tested all at Wouter Witzel

For Neste’s turn around project 2020 a lot of Wouter Witzel’s valves will be supplied including two pieces EVFS DN2000 in carbon steel WCB body and aluminum bronze disc.
These valves are being used for the seawater cooling inlet. Neste requires the highest quality and expect a high lifetime. To ensure the quality standards, the disc material had to be tested for cracks by liquid penetrant before and after machining and hydrostatic leakage tested from both sides. During the third party witness tests, Neste Engineers expressed to be very satisfied to way the Wouter Witzel’s project team have guided this project.
Due to the vulcanized fusion bonded liner, Wouter Witzel has a proven quality, high lifetime and build up many references within the industrial segment where these large valves are used for “Inlet cooling water applications”.