NACE International announces launch of new course on corrosion under insulation

NACE International has launched a new training course which will equip students with the skills required to tackle the widespread problem of corrosion under insulation (CUI). CUI is a severe form of localized, external corrosion that most commonly occurs on insulated carbon and low alloy steel and stainless steel equipment that operate at high temperatures at or below 175 °F.

CUI is most prevalent in the chemical/petrochemical, refining, offshore, and marine/maritime industries. If left undetected, CUI can result in catastrophic leaks or explosions, equipment failure, prolonged downtime due to repair or replacement as well as safety and environmental concerns.

“To design this course, NACE International’s course development specialists worked with technical subject matter experts with decades of experience in coatings and CUI to develop a comprehensive curriculum,” said Pamela Nicoletti, Director of Education. “We’re proud of the finished course and look forward to bringing this valuable knowledge to the industry.”

The 4-day training course features an interactive classroom format that is comprised of lecture, group discussions, case studies and other activities. Registration includes a full-color training manual that contains job aids, checklists and templates that can be used on the job. The class size is capped at 24 students.

Upon successful completion of this course, a student will have a thorough knowledge how CUI occurs, the different coatings, insulation and jacketing types used in CUI service, and how to design, install, maintain, and inspect insulated equipment that is at risk for CUI.

The first course will be held November 18-21, 2019 at the NACE International Training Center in Houston, Texas.