Norbar-Uvit new improvements in torque and angle control

Since 2010 Uvit has sold or rented to the most important valves manufacturers of the world systems to control valves performances following the strongest international rules.

The T-Box 2 is the tool that, in torque and angle control system, utilises its powerful processor to provide a seamless and complete torque data collection package. This is capable of tool calibrations, data logging, simultaneous transducer connections and archiving to your PC.

Following the successful launch of Norbar’s T-Box 2 in 2019, Uvit’s customers have benefitted from its market leading capabilities and features for uses in the field of industrial valve production.

In an effort to further expand the capabilities and applications of the T-BOX 2, Norbar, exclusively distributed in Italy by Uvit now launches the T-BOX 2 AnB module to complement the original unit. This module unlocks the two-transducer limit on the T-BOX 2, allowing more to be connected simultaneously and broadening the possible applications for the already versatile product. The T-BOX 2 AnB module simply connects to the T- BOX 2 via USB cable (supplied) and runs off its own 15v power supply. Like the two modules already housed within the T-BOX 2, each AnB module has a 10-way ‘Push-Pull’ style panel socket for transducer connection, as well as the standard 15-way ‘D-type’ ancillary port.

Since the T-BOX 2 AnB module supports USB, you can take advantage of USB bus characteristics and thirdparty products for new applications. For instance, by using a USB hub, you can add up to nine AnB modules to the T- BOX 2. You can also significantly extend the distance between T-BOX 2 and the transducer – beyond the limits of traditional transducer cabling – by taking advantage of active USB “repeaters” or “extenders” to situate the T-BOX 2 far away from the AnB module and transducer.

This could be very useful if measurements need to take place in a different location from the T-BOX 2. The T-BOX 2 AnB module can be stacked (if multiples are being used), wall mounted, or simply bench mounted.

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