Nuclear safety: Latty International certified ISO 19443

As a major player in the nuclear sector, French sealing manufacturer Latty International has been certified according to the ISO 19443 standard by the certifying body AFNOR certification, demonstrating the anchoring of a culture of nuclear safety in the company.

Specific to the nuclear sector, this certification recognizes Latty International’s commitment to the French nuclear industry and attests the compliance of its products and management system with the highest requirements in terms of safety, security and nuclear quality, such as emphasizes by AFNOR National Representative, Anne Youf: “In a context where reliability, traceability, skills and sensitivity to safety are essential, ISO 19443 certification reveals and distinguishes Latty International’s ability to contribute actively and sustainably to the activities of its clients”.

“After 2 years of preparation and deployment within the supply chain, we are proud to now be ISO 19443 certified, and to be able to continue to support and offer safe and sustainable solutions to our customers in the nuclear sector” explains Yohan Boisseau Quality Manager, Safety, Environment and Control. For AFNOR, Latty International has demonstrated “throughout the audit its consideration and understanding of the Safety Culture as a chain supplier”.

This certification is the recognition of the mastery of Latty International in terms of nuclear safety and the daily involvement of all its trades and expertise in the high requirements of the sector.