Oerlikon raises the bar with expanded state-of-the-art services

Oerlikon Metco Coating Services (MCS) focuses their U.S. thermal spray and laser cladding activities and joins Oerlikon AM in Huntersville, NC.
Oerlikon AM recently established a world-class additive manufacturing facility in Huntersville. Now the company has committed to a substantial investment at this facility to add thermal spray and laser cladding capabilities, which are core areas of Oerlikon Metco’s service offering. By combining Oerlikon AM’s additive manufacturing capabilities with Oerlikon Metco’s coating capabilities under one roof, the company can now offer “Print & Coat” parts.
The expansion will not only be outfitted with leading coating and cladding equipment, it will also offer pre- and post-coating inspection and machining services, as well as built-to-print replacement parts manufactured on state-of-the-art CNC machinery to very tight tolerances.
“The ability to offer such a diverse array of services within one state-of-the-art facility that can combine multiple processing disciplines should be quite attractive to customers and lead to new applications,” states Thomas Meier, Global Head of Sales for Metco Coating Services. He goes on to state, “MCS has complete access to Oerlikon Metco’s extensive materials portfolio and R&D capabilities, which gives MCS the edge to develop solutions that solve the tough challenges our customers face.”
The decision to locate in Huntersville, a suburb of Charlotte NC, improves proximity to key power generation and aerospace customers. The excellent transport logistics in the area in combination with the upgraded, more efficient service capabilities will facilitate transfer of key business activities from the Barboursville WV and Houston TX facilities.
Oerlikon Metco will begin implementation in the 2nd quarter of 2021 and plans to complete the expansion by the end of this year.