Rotork electric actuators installed in glass factory help improve reliability and reduce emissions

A glass plant in the Mersin area of southern Turkey, run by Şişecam, installed 33 ROMpak electric actuators. The ROMpak units replaced existing underperforming actuators to operate butterfly valves, controlling the flow of hot air at the heart of the glass manufacturing process. Glass manufacturing produces items like packaging, flat glass (e.g. in construction and commerce), fibreglass and speciality glass (tableware, lighting, cookware).

In order to achieve complete and efficient combustion, the exact ratio of fuel and air within a furnace to produce the right amount of heat must be precisely controlled to produce a lean burn. Complete combustion offers reduced running costs and less unnecessary fuel, so a reduction in emissions and environmental pollutants. The control offered by Rotork’s ROMpak electric actuators assist in the essential process of optimal efficiency.

ROMpak actuators offer quiet and reliable operation for smaller ball and butterfly valves. They have a continuous position indicator that is always available and can work in an ambient temperature of up to +70° C (158° F). Importantly in a glass application, they are watertight and dustproof to IP68 10m for 100 hours. The customer chose them after a successful period of consultation that included Rotork supplying sample actuators.