Sureclean unveils new solar powered and mobile NORM facility

At Offshore Europe 2023, the Sureclean team unveiled a new purpose-built Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) decontamination facility that is believed to be the first of its kind to be powered by sustainable technology.

The 1.25 million-pound 3-acre licenced facility has been built at our 5-acre base in Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire, and forms a key part of our growth trajectory to strengthen capabilities and bring wider environmental benefits to the global energy industry.

Key to shaking up the market is our new and unique ability to deliver NORM decontamination projects both onshore and offshore, as well as locally and globally. Additionally, our facility is powered by green technology with the addition of solar panels.

Chief Executive, Simon Gibb, explained, “We are delighted to announce the completion of our newly licensed NORM decontamination facility, the only mobile facility of its kind in the region as well as the largest licensed NORM management base in the area to be run by solar power.”

By leveraging the burgeoning decommissioning sector, the expansion to include a NORM facility positions Sureclean as a leader in the field of NORM management, said Simon.

“This diversification in our service offering has allowed us to skilfully plug a gap in the market with our new purpose-built facility structured in such a way that we can transfer our equipment, resources and infrastructure to any offshore site or onshore base anywhere in the world.”

NORM is created in the oil production process and can be deposited in the form of scale, sand, wax and sludge. Our specialist team provides consultation, project management and guidance on all aspects of NORM management from detection, containment, and control to descaling, processing and disposal.

Our new integrated service will deliver the safe removal of scale build ups and deposits from downhole and topside process equipment including tubulars, pipe work, valves, spools, tanks, and vessels.

With operational bases in the UK, UAE, and Kurdistan and, combined with the most extensive and diverse multi-million-pound fleet of industrial cleaning equipment and latest technology, our team is primed for growth and are passionate about protecting the planet with premium industrial cleaning and hazardous spill emergency support services.

Simon added, “By investing in specialist technology and employing highly trained experts, we have developed the appropriate safe operating procedures to efficiently reduce or remove the NORM residue in line with industry standards and government regulations, as well as ensuring we support environmental sustainability and waste reduction.”

With the flexibility to deliver projects across a huge scope from drilling rigs, FPSOs, oil platforms and marine vessels, to refineries, pipelines, and infrastructure, our cleaning solutions are constantly advancing to support developments in green technology to protect the planet for future generations.