The Hytorc Reaction Washers eliminates the need for reaction arms in bolting

The Hytorc Washer, distributed in Italy by UVIT, is the simplest upgrade for instant improvements in safety, speed and accuracy. This unique, patented system eliminates the need for reaction arms and other custom fixtures required to hold the tool in place. Additionally, the precision machined surface reduces variation in bolt load across the flange for improved accuracy and loosening prevention.

The Hytorc Washer eliminates the need for reaction arms, which are the most common cause of injury on bolting jobs. The unique design of the washer allows the double layered safety socket to react on the washer itself, while turning the nut.

The Hytorc Washer removes the complicated setup associated with other bolting systems and makes the bolting process more intuitive for improved job times. Our patented knurling ensures against bolt rotation during any operation.

The Hytorc Washer System consists of the Hytorc Washer used in conjunction with the Hytorc Backup Washer. As an inexpensive alternative to a traditional backup wrench, the Hytorc Backup Washer provides major improvements in safety and speed to your job by preventing rotation with the bolt.

Allow 3/4” (.019 mm) extra bolt length for the thickness of the reaction and backup washers. • Your current bolts and nuts can be used with the Hytorc Washers.
All nuts can still be tightened or loosened using your preferred bolting method; not exclusive to Hytorc tooling.