Trelleborg H2Pro hydrogen sealing materials

Trelleborg’s H2Pro, new hydrogen sealing material range offers solutions across the hydrogen value chain, from production to storage and transport to end use.

Hydrogen plays a critical role in the transition to sustainable energy, both as a fuel source and as a storage medium for surplus energy from renewable sources. Due to its inherent characteristics, it is difficult to seal but the expanding H2Pro range offers reliable solutions for the wide array of applications, including pumps, valves, connectors, and numerous other devices in the hydrogen supply chain.

Two new hydrogen-specific sealing materials:
• H2Pro EBT25, a new EPDM for high-pressure environments across a wide range of temperatures
• Zurcon H2Pro™ ZLT, a unique thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) for very low temperatures

Supporting the energy, power generation, off-highway, truck and bus, CPI, chemical transportation, and marine industries, all H2Pro materials are validated to key industry standards in a range of challenging conditions typical of hydrogen environments.