Trillium supplies valves into the black powder market for Saudi Arabia

Gas continues to be a key commodity in Saudi Arabia, where the majority of modern power plants run on gas produced in the oil fields. This means transporting gas to the relevant power plant is critical, and one of the key pipeline issues in Saudi Arabia is the formation of ‘black powder’ in the pipeline.
In simple terms ‘black powder’ is a hard crystal that is generated in the processing of the gas, during transportation the valves can be subject to high levels of erosion due to the impact of particles. All valves in this application need to have a tungsten carbide trim which can be challenging considering the size of the valve.
The valves shown are 750mm valves in the final stages of fitting. These valves have Class-V leakage and as said by one of the fitters, ‘the valves went together like a dream and during hydro test, they were drop tight’.
These valves again represent not only another significant order for Saudi Arabia but more importantly Trillium is one of the few suppliers qualified to supply valves into the black powder market.