Uvit becomes an Accredia calibration laboratory

Uvit has become an Accredia calibration laboratory for Torque wrenches up to 1500 Nm and Torque transducers up to 1500 Nm.

The calibrations are performed according to accredited procedures, carried out on the basis of international recommendations using primary and secondary standard equipment for the generation of physical quantities.

Uvit follows the following procedures:
• ISO6789-2:2017 for the calibration of torque wrenches.
• BS7882:2017 for the calibration of torque transducers.

Uvit is accredited as LAT Center No. 318 and complies with the “UNI EN ISO 17025” standard, conducting accreditation activities through the issuance of LAT calibration certificates and off-accreditation activities by issuing calibration reports.

Uvit is a company specialized in the sale, rental, repair, maintenance and calibration of bolting equipment. It also offers calibration, maintenance, and repair services at the customer’s site, minimizing production downtime. Thanks to great experience and competence, it supports the customer by accompanying him in his choices, through a wide range of tools and services offered.

Becoming an accredited laboratory is one of the most ambitious and demanding objectives that a company can set itself as the procedure is truly complex.
“Our laboratory is accredited” means that it meets high standards in quality and guarantees that we meet the technical and organizational competence requirements set out in the UNI EN ISO 17025 standard.
This shows how much Uvit is attentive to the needs of its customers, and how it is up-to-date and ready to react to the new needs of the market, given that companies increasingly require a more restrictive control of their tools, often accompanied by the request for the release of Accredia certification.

The Accredia accreditation mark also represents a means for presenting oneself as credible supplier of all customers, given that an impartial and third-party body certifies the quality of the service offered by the calibration laboratory.

Accreditation improves the reputation and competitiveness of calibration laboratories and offers great benefits to businesses and consumers who rely on accredited services.
Through the use of a surveillance service, accreditation allows CABs to constantly monitor their skills and compliance with standards, offering a reference point for continuous performance improvement.

For more details on accreditation and his benefits visit https://www.uvit.it/servizi/certificazioni-di-taratura-accredia.