Watertight solution for high risk of flooding

Auma SA-UW actuators for continuous underwater use secure operation of underground emergency roller gates in the city of Doha, Qatar, even when flooded for extended periods of time.
Ashgal, the Public Works Authority of Qatar, decided in the context of a project to extend the E-Ring road in Doha to also upgrade the stormwater network. Several huge roller gates were installed in underground chambers in order to be able to shut off DN 2700 stormwater pipelines in case of emergency.
The actuators to operate the huge roller gates had to be installed inside the chambers. As the chambers may become flooded during heavy rainfall, Ashgal was looking for actuators that can be immersed in water for extended periods of time. The total chamber height is 24.5 m, and the actuators had to be mounted approximately 6 m below ground level.
Auma supplied powerful SA 30.1-UW underwater actuators that are suited for continuous underwater use at up to 15 m head of water. While the actuators were mounted on an access platform inside the chamber, the AC 01.2 actuator controls were mounted separately from the actuator outside the floodable area using a wall bracket. All local operation can therefore be done safely and from a comfortable position using the AC 01.2 actuator controls.
Auma SA-UW actuators for continuous underwater use possess a sophisticated sealing system combined with excellent corrosion protection. Double sealed cable glands at the electrical connection, inner seals at all housing covers, and a solid shaft made of stainless steel safely prevent any ingress of water.